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Lockheed Martin says there is ‘no evidence’ to back up lawsuit filed alleging mishandling of chemicals

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Lockheed Martin is responding to a lawsuit filed against the company in September that alleges the company mishandled chemicals that made a community of Orlando residents sick.

Officials said there is no evidence of that.

Lockheed Martin is challenging the lawsuit claiming it polluted the Central Florida community with toxic materials for decades.

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Morgan and Morgan Law Firm filed two lawsuits against the Fortune 500 company two months ago representing residents and workers in the Tangelo Park neighborhood, which neighbors Lockheed Martin.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Lockheed Martin said the company has complied with all laws and performed under government oversight.

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“We believe there is no evidence that any of the plaintiffs’ allegations have merit or that anyone has been harmed, and we will continue to vigorously fight this litigation,” the statement said.

Lockheed Martin said the reason the class action suit should be dismissed is because it’s “legally defective,” requesting money for the medical monitoring program for people in the community isn’t allowed under Florida law, and also the pool of people is too broad.

Morgan and Morgan said they still expect the cases will move forward.

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