Peacocks stolen from Orlando neighborhood, residents say

Dozens of peacocks have gone missing.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Dozens of peacocks have gone missing from a neighborhood that they call home, residents said.

Witnesses who live in the neighborhood near Michigan Street and Conway Road said they've seen the large birds being taken away in a fishing net and about 50 have been taken.


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Neighbors said about 70 or 80 birds have lived in the trees until recently and the area is known for them.

"No matter what you do, they're here to stay," said Max Davila, a resident of the neighborhood. "So, I would say, leave them alone."

Some neighbors have seen three teenagers opening a van door, casting out a fishing net, and make off with the peacocks.

Davila, who regularly sprinkles bread out for the birds, is one of those residents.

"To me, that's poaching," he said. "So, if they're doing that, they should be caught and prosecuted."

Residents who have talked to the teens have identified themselves as Orange County Animal Services, but the county said that isn't something they would do.

A pair of peacocks moved to the neighborhood about 30 years ago and generations have continued to breed in the area.

Neighbors say they just want the peacocks returned safely.

"To me, they're great," Davila said. "They're beautiful birds, and they don't bother us."