Police: Employee at assisted living facility accused of abusing patient

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An Orange County assisted living facility employee is facing charges after she attacked a patient in her care, authorities said.

Investigators said Britney Gunn hit a mentally disabled woman at Attain Inc. on Neponset Avenue in the Pine Hills area.

Police said the incident was captured on surveillance video that hasn’t been released.

Police said as the victim tried to leave the home, she was held by two other employees and Gunn struck the patient in the face several times with an open hand.

The victim’s face was swollen, police said.

Craig Cook, the executive director of the facility, said that after seeing the video, he immediately contacted the state’s abuse hotline and is cooperating with police.

“She reacted emotionally, resulting in an abusive act that she now needs to be held accountable for,” said Cook.

Cook said resident safety is the facility's first priority and that Gunn has been fired.

He said the other employees involved in the incident have been suspended.

Gunn is facing charges of battery and abuse of a disabled person.