• Police investigate woman's rape near gay club as hate crime


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman was raped while walking home from an Orlando gay nightclub and investigators said they are searching for her attackers.

    The woman left Revolution nightclub on Bumby Avenue Sunday when she said three white men began yelling homophobic slurs at her.

    The woman said she remembers walking under an overpass on South Street and Primrose Drive, and then giving a homeless man some money before the car pulled up.

    The men stopped the vehicle and got out, and then one of the occupants pushed the woman to the ground, where the driver raped her, according to a police report. The woman told police that the men then drove away.

    Police said they are treating the incident as a hate crime.

    Club goer Josh Torrez said he was surprised to hear about the incident.

    "I think that's really sick. I really do," said Torrez.

    Investigators have not said whether surveillance cameras at the club have turned up any clues, or if any cameras on the woman's walk down South Street have led to any leads.

    "As a gay person, I look out for my people. To have someone be yelled at and be called a lesbian and get raped because of it, that's absolutely ridiculous," said club goer Josh Thomas.   

    Torrez told WFTV there have been times where he's feared for his own safety after leaving the club.

    "I live right around the corner, [and] when I walk out, I'll hear, 'Faggot' or I'll hear just really derogatory words," Torrez said.

    Police said if the men are not captured, they will monitor the club and others in coming weeks.

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