Pulse trial: Police body camera, surveillance video allowed in courtroom

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A federal judge has ruled Tuesday what evidence will and will not be allowed in the Noor Salman trial.

Salman is the wife of Omar Mateen, who authorities have said killed 49 people and injured more than 100 at the Pulse nightclub June 12, 2016. Mateen was killed by police the night of the shooting.

Prosecutors believe Salman knew about the planned attack, came up with a cover story and did nothing to stop the shooting.

Salman faces charges of aiding a former terrorist organization and obstruction of justice.

Judge Paul Byron ruled evidence that involves police body-camera video and surveillance video from inside the nightclub will be allowed to be shown to the jurors.

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The surveillance video shows Mateen walking around the club with a gun.

The evidence also included cellphone video inside a restroom where Mateen fired at several victims and survivors. In the video, multiple rounds of rapid gunfire can be heard.

Body-camera video from officers showed law enforcement outside of Pulse giving medical attention to gunshot victims.

Byron ruled last week that a terrorism expert will be allowed to testify about Mateen’s Facebook posts regarding the Islamic State group.

Salman’s trial has been set to begin March 1.

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