• Report: Man accused of killing Seminole County nanny violently hurt father

    By: Shannon Butler


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A man accused of killing a woman who was working for a Winter Park family was once convicted of severely injuring his father, Channel 9’s Shannon Butler learned.

    Scott Nelson, 54, is in the Orange County Jail, being held on first-degree murder charges, kidnapping with a weapon, burglary and carjacking, among other charges, in the September death of Jennifer Lynn Fulford.

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    Nelson was convicted of forcing his father, Larry Nelson, to drive to an ATM, withdraw $10,000 and robbing him at gunpoint in 1994.

    The crime is similar to details surrounding Fulford’s death.

    According to a report from the Vermont State Police, Nelson’s father told investigators that he walked into his home and was immediately hit in the back of the head, bound with cords and duct tape by Scott Nelson.

    A local police source told Butler that Fulford was also struck.

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    Larry Nelson said his son gave him the choice of being tied up and left in the trunk of his own car, or back at the house, the report said.

    Larry Nelson said he was claustrophobic and did not want to be put in the trunk, so Scott Nelson took his dad home, tied him up again and duct taped his mouth, the report said.

    Scott Nelson drove away in his dad’s Cadillac.

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    When police found Fulford's body, she was bound and had duct tape on her face, evidence shows she may have also been placed in the truck of her car, investigators said.

    Troopers in Vermont connected Scott Nelson to the crime against his father with fingerprints from two beers he likely had while in his father's home.

    Scott Nelson served more than 10 years behind bars for the crime against his father.

    Winter Park police also found beer at the winter park home where Fulford was last known to have been.

    Court records show police have a confession.

    Last week, Eyewitness News reported Scott Nelson said he was a serial killer and connected to bank robberies and that he’s never been caught. 

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