• Report: Markeith Loyd used prepaid cellphones while at large

    By: Jason Kelly , Shannon Butler


    ORLANDO, Fla. - New court documents show accused cop killer Markeith Loyd was using prepaid cellphones to communicate with friends and family while on the run, but officers tapped the phones.

    Loyd is accused of killing Sade Dixon, his pregnant ex-girlfriend, and Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton.

    Records said police were using wiretaps to see if anyone was helping Loyd or if they knew where he was.

    On the calls, Loyd said he did not receive help from his friends after the death of Dixon. Otherwise, he said he would not have been buying food at the Walmart where he was confronted by Clayton and where he allegedly killed her.

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    Minutes before Loyd's arrest, he told his half-brother he might be ready to stop running, records said.

    "I really don't want to live in that (expletive), but I would think about doing it and getting the money to Sade's kids," Loyd said.

    He told a friend that he was considering letting Dixon's family turn him in for the reward money, but he was not convinced, since he thought he had been framed for Dixon's murder.

    "These crackers be lying too much," Loyd said.

    He did not have long to contemplate the decision, because police were getting ready to move in on the home in which Loyd was hiding.

    The wiretapping information was part of an investigation to determine if Loyd was receiving assistance from his family and friends.

    Detectives said family and friends thought their calls were being monitored, but they still spoke to Loyd.

    Although police made arrests, no charges were filed, because detectives said none of the calls or text messages provided a clear indication that anyone knew where Loyd was hiding.

    The report said that after Loyd allegedly shot Dixon, police believe he lived in his car and remained in the South Apopka and Carver Shores neighborhoods.

    Police said he tried to prevent people from finding out his phone number by dialing *67, which makes the phone number come up as blocked or unknown on caller ID.

    Loyd's defense attorneys seek to obtain information about the wiretaps, because if he is convicted, they want to show he planned to peacefully surrender.

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