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Seminole County students using remote learning asked to return to school for assessment test

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. — Seminole County students who are at home getting instruction through Seminole Connect are being required to return to the classroom to take a nine-week assessment test.

The news caught many parents off-guard, even though the district stated this was always in its school reopening plans.

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Some Seminole County parents have children who have medical conditions. But those parents said regardless, they chose Seminole Connect for a reason, and that is they don’t want their children around a lot of people.

Last week, parents received an email that read all Seminole Connect students who are taking certain classes are required to return to campus to participate in the assessment-test.

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The district stated the assessments are needed to help them identify children who need support and students who may need to be accelerated to another level.

The tests are not designed to be given remotely.

Kelly Thompson, the assessment coordinator for the district, said students with medical conditions can be exempt from taking the test at the school.

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Jeff Levkulich,

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