Supreme Court hears 2nd Amendment case on gun owner's rights

Video: Supreme Court hears 2nd Amendment case on gun owner’s rights

WASHINGTON — The future of gun rights in America took center stage inside the nation's highest court Monday.

It was the first time in nearly a decade the justices have taken up a 2nd Amendment case and it could impact gun regulations across the country.

Crowds of protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court on Monday.

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Gun control groups rallied as the justices heard arguments about the scope of a gun owner's rights.

The case stems from a former New York City law that banned gun owners from taking their guns outside their homes or anywhere other than a shooting range, within city limits.

Gun control proponents said they worry the highest court's decision could undo the hundreds of gun restrictions imposed across the country.

New York has since changed the law at the center of this case and now allows gun owners to take their guns to second homes or shooting ranges outside of the city.

On Monday, the liberal justices questioned why the court was considering the case at all since the law has already been changed.

But the conservative justices raised questions about whether the current law still violates the 2nd Amendment.

The justices will make a decision in the case by June.