How to make sure your phone doesn’t overheat amid extreme heat

ORLANDO, Fla. — It’s no secret that it’s getting hot this summer, and staying safe and cool, especially with your mobile device, is important.


AT&T Services is offering tips for users as temperatures soar in Central Florida.

This can help your phone and tablet function and avoid damage.

Keep devices out of direct sunlight

Like we feel the difference between being in the sun and in the shade, your phone is the same. Don’t leave devices where they can overheat in direct sunlight.

Avoid leaving devices in hot cars

Make it a habit to take your devices with you instead of leaving them in the car. Temperatures in a parked car can get hot quickly.

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Cool down your phone

Take your phone out of its case because a phone case can act as insulation. Fan your phone with your hand or hold it by a fan or A/C unit. But do not put your phone in the fridge or freezer.

Close unnecessary apps

Running a lot of apps at once can cause your device to become hot. Close any apps you are not using at the moment.

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Give devices a break

If your device feels hot, let it cool by powering it down. This can help prevent overheating.

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