Wondering what it’s like to get a 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot? Here’s one local woman’s experience

ORLANDO, Fla. — Laura Barbosa falls into a rare group of people on the planet who’ve now had three COVID-19 shots.

Through the Pfizer trial, she received her booster shot on Wednesday. Channel 9 asked her to document her symptoms.

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“It feels less to me than when I had the second shot, but I’m only like five hours in,” Barbosa said hours after her third shot.

She sent us a photo about an hour later showing her low-grade fever of 100.2.

“I actually got happy when I saw the fever because that means I probably didn’t get the placebo,” she said.

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When we met with her in person, she also told us she had a headache, some achiness, and fatigue, but said the whole experience was milder than after her second shot.

“I didn’t sleep too well that night. But I did finally sleep. And I woke up a little bit, like with perspiration, and I took a shower and then I felt great,” she said.

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Barbosa said half of the trial participants who received the third shot got a placebo.

Her son got his third shot at the same time she did but hasn’t had any symptoms.

“That doesn’t mean he didn’t get it,” she said. “There are people that have no symptoms at all, but it’s more of a chance I got and he didn’t.”

Sarah Wilson, WFTV.com

Sarah Wilson joined WFTV Channel 9 in 2018 as a digital producer after working as an award-winning newspaper reporter for nearly a decade in various communities across Central Florida.