‘You should duck’: Orlando installs sassy signs warning of low tree branch after mishap

ORLANDO, Fla. — Newly installed signs in Orlando’s Lake Lawsona neighborhood are drawing social media attention thanks to their whimsical nature – and some extra attitude.

The series of signs warn pedestrians of a large, low-growing tree branch next to the sidewalk along Lake Lawsona. Four signs on each side of the tree can be strung together to create a poem as someone approaches:


“This tree is low

Don’t test your luck

To avoid the blow

You should duck.”

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The first three signs are blue, while the final – encouraging walkers and joggers to duck – is bright red.

Previously, a single sign on each side of the tree warned passersby for years. Commissioner Patty Sheehan said the upgrade was made after a woman – who admitted she was texting – missed the sign and bumped her head and complained about the tree to the city.

“So many city departments have looked into this,” Sheehan said, before telling stories about a 6-foot security guard walking under the tree to test the clearance and risk management providing an assessment.

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Ultimately, staff concluded the tree was not any more of a hazard to residents than it’s always been.

Sheehan said she wasn’t sure which staff member came up with the rhyming signs, though she guessed it was someone in the parks department. A city spokeswoman said she was working to provide a clearer backstory.

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To avoid future texting-related mishaps, in the event someone misses all four signs as they get closer to the tree, the city also painted the sidewalk bright yellow.

If you’re interested in seeing the signs for yourself – and taking a nice walk around the park – they can be found at the southeast corner of the lake, by the intersection of Church Street and South Brown Avenue.

See: Orlando installs sassy signs warning of low tree branch after mishap

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