Coronavirus driving historic early voting turnout: How to stay safe while voting during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is partly driving historic early voting and mail-in ballot numbers.

Initially, there was concern that the coronavirus pandemic would slow down voting, but that’s not the case.

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Instead, many states followed Florida’s 20-year lead on expanding access to mail ballots and early voting. The concern was making voting as safe as possible, another reminder of how the pandemic has loomed over the election.

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Here are some tips to safely vote if you plan on heading to the polls.

  • Maintain space.
  • Get in and out quickly.
  • Fill out a sample ballot first so you can transfer your marks once inside.
  • Reduce contact as much as possible.

Adam Poulisse, WFTV.com

Adam Poulisse joined WFTV in November 2019.

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