• Volusia County elections officials complete machine recount of 6 races

    By: Jason Kelly


    DeLAND, Fla. - Wednesday update:

    The Volusia County Canvassing Board has finished the machine recount of almost 231,000 ballots, Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said Wednesday evening.

    The results were as follows:

    • State Representative District 26: Elizabeth Fetterhoff received 30,599 votes (50.04 percent), and Patrick Henry received 30,544 votes (49.96 percent). This race will now undergo a manual recount per Florida law.

    • Volusia County Council District 1: Barbara Girtman received 20,640 votes (50.21 percent), and Pat Patterson received 20,465 votes (49.79 percent).

    • Edgewater City Council District 1: Rocky Dorcy received 4,287 votes (49.84 percent), and Christine Elaine Power received 4,315 votes (50.16 percent).

    Click here to see the results of the state races.


    Original story from Tuesday:

    The Volusia County canvassing board said it continued a machine recount of 143,000 votes in six races Tuesday because it found a discrepancy of 240 votes.

    Elections officials said the following six races are being recounted: Edgewater City Council District 1, Volusia County Council District 1, state representative District 26, the state commissioner of agriculture, governor and U.S. senator.

    Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said she had hoped to have the machine recounts completed Monday, but while comparing the results from a machine recount to the first unofficial results, there was a difference in the vote-by-mail and early voting totals.

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    "We believe the issue has been identified as procedural handling of when a jam occurs on the machine," Lewis said. "The count may not have recorded when the jam occurred."

    The canvassing board began retabulating the vote-by-mail and early voting ballots at 9 a.m. Tuesday and will hopefully be finished by Tuesday evening, Lewis said.

    The results of the machine recount can be found here once completed.

    If needed, the Florida secretary of state may order a manual recount once the state has received the second unofficial results.

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