NASA releases new images from Mars

Perseverance is continuing its mission on Mars, sending back images of the red planet.

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NASA recently released new images from the rover’s landing site, the Jezero Crater, north of Mars’ equator, BBC News reported.

The crater measures 28 miles wide and was the site of a deep lake and river delta during the planet’s ancient history, reported.

Perseverance is collecting Martian rock samples, looking for past life on a microbial level and trying to uncover the planet’s past climate and geology.

So far, the rover has collected more than 7,000 images. You can look through them here.

If still photos aren’t enough, filmmaker Sean Doran edited together the rover’s first images taken in the crater to make a short film, CNET reported.

Perseverance landed on Mars on Feb. 18 and recently deployed its wind sensor, which is officially called the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer, reported.