School mask mandates by state: What is your state doing?

With the delta variant driving coronavirus cases up across the country, state and school district officials are faced with the decision of whether to impose a mask mandate as students go back to school.

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The debate in many states has become continuous. Major school districts in states that have banned masks in schools have implemented their own mask mandates and are threatening to take their fight for face coverings to court, if necessary.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has fired back at school districts implementing mask mandates and has threatened to withhold the salaries of school leaders.

“At no point shall I allow my decision to be influenced by a threat to my paycheck; a small price to pay considering the gravity of this issue and the potential impact to the health and well-being of our students and dedicated employees,” said Alberto Carvalho, the superintendent of the state’s largest school district who is still deciding on a mandate ahead of the start of school later this month.

Other state leaders are allowing individual school districts to decide what they want to do.

As students head back into schools, here is where the states stand on mandates:

StatesStatus of school mask mandate
AlabamaNo mandate
AlaskaNo mandate
ArizonaBan on mask mandates
ArkansasRecommended statewide
CaliforniaRecommended statewide
ColoradoNo mandate
ConnecticutRecommended statewide
DelawareNo mandate
FloridaRejection or ban on mask mandates
GeorgiaRejection or ban on mask mandates
HawaiiMandated statewide
IdahoRecommended statewide
IllinoisRecommended in some counties
IndianaRecommended in some counties
IowaRejection or ban on mask mandates
KansasRecommended in some counties
KentuckyRecommended in some counties
LouisianaMandated statewide
MaineRecommended in some counties
MarylandNo mandate
MassachusettsNo mandate
MichiganRecommended in some counties
MinnesotaRecommended in some counties
MississippiRecommended statewide
MissouriRejection or ban on mask mandates
MontanaRejection or ban on mask mandates
NebraskaRejection or ban on mask mandates
NevadaMandated in some counties
New HampshireNo mandate
New JerseyRecommended statewide
New MexicoRecommended statewide
New YorkRecommended statewide
North CarolinaRecommended in some counties
North DakotaRejection or ban on mask mandates
OhioNo mandate
OklahomaNo mandate
OregonRecommended statewide
PennsylvaniaRecommended in some counties
Rhode IslandNo mandate
South CarolinaRejection or ban on mask mandates
South DakotaRejection or ban on mask mandates
TennesseeRejection or ban on mask mandates
TexasRejection or ban on mask mandates
UtahNo mandate
VermontNo mandate
VirginiaRecommended in some counties
WashingtonRecommended in some counties
West VirginiaNo mandate
WisconsinNo mandate
WyomingRecommended in some counties