'I'm going to make you care about my child': Mom wants driver charged after van crash into bus stop

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A mother had some strong words after two adults and two children were taken to the hospital Friday morning after a van hopped the curb and hit them while they were waiting at a bus stop on Silver Star Road, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Lt. Kim Montes said the van was heading east on Silver Star Road when it hit all four people near the intersection of North Powers Drive before 8 a.m. She said the two children were siblings waiting for a Lynx bus to take them to school.

Montes said none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening.


She said all four people were waiting near a Lynx bus stop when they were hit.

The driver of the van, Joseph Charitable, said he was moving over to avoid traffic when he lost control and hopped the curb.

"I am so sad about what happened," he said. "It was an accident, you know. I did not mean to hurt the people. If I went left I would hit cars, so I went right. I'm so sorry."

One of the children struck was a 10-year-old who suffered a collapsed lung. His mother, Allila Stover, didn't mince her words when she spoke with Channel 9.

"My baby has a long way to go back to being who he was," said Stover. When discussing Charitable's response to the crash, Stover said, "You're going to care about my child because I'm going to make you care about my child."

Stover seemingly took exception to Charitable's response of avoiding hitting the vehicles instead of the bus stop.

"Cars can be replaced. My son cannot be replaced."

Stover said her son's recovery will take months.

Troopers said charges are pending against the driver of the van. Stiver told Channel 9 she wants to see Charitable receive some type of punishment.

"I'm going to fight with my son for his life. But (Charitable) just better know I'm coming for him and I'm coming hard. Lawyer, judge, court. He's going to have something. You're not just going to walk away with this."

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