‘We are going to find you': Deputies upping patrols after uptick in illegal ATV, motorcycle activity

A pregnant woman beaten, along with the father of her unborn child in Edgewood; an Orange County deputy injured after being dragged by an ATV; reports coming in from throughout the county of ATV and motorcycle riders boxing drivers in, running red lights and running cars off the road: those are just some of the recent incidents caused by ATV and motorcycle riders driving illegally and terrorizing Central Florida streets.
While it is unknown whether the three incidents are connected, law enforcement said it’s cracking down.
Orange County Sheriff John Mina said during a news conference Thursday that witnesses of incidents involving erratic driving by the bikers and ATV riders should call 911 instead of recording video.
“It should be stated that the incident on Sunday, with that group, was made up largely from people not from Central Florida. We’ve made 12 arrests this weekend based off that group’s activity,” Mina said.
Mina said they are being "very proactive in their measures in order to stop the behavior."
“Rest assured, we will be out there even if you don’t see us,” Mina said.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Mina said his department will use unmarked cruisers and helicopters to increase enforcement.

"We are going to find you, we will arrest you, and we will seize your vehicle," Mina said.

Watch the news conference below:

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said this is no longer about joyriding and that he will now ask the state attorney to prosecute not just the riders, but also the organizers of the groups.

"Enough is enough," said Rolon. "They are basically taking this to the point they are making it common practice to go out and drive recklessly."

- A pregnant woman and the father of her child were beaten by a group of motorcyclists and ATV riders, Edgewood police said.
- The incident was captured by a traffic camera. Edgewood police released the video Wednesday afternoon. Watch it here.
- Reports surfaced that ATV and motorcycle riders were boxing drivers in, running red lights and even ran one car off the road.
- At least two law enforcement officers who tried to stop them said they suffered thousands in damages to their cars.
- Hundreds of drivers in Orange County have signed a petition in hopes that the Sheriff's Office would take action.
- No arrests have been made.
- Three people have been arrested after an ATV driver injured a deputy while fleeing law enforcement early Wednesday, deputies said.
- Officials said the ATV driver, Angel Morales, drove into the deputy, knocked him off balance and dragged him for nearly 10 feet.
- Juliana Diaz-Rivera bonded out of jail Thursday evening around 11 p.m. She is accused of being one of the three attempting to elude a deputy on an ATV.
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