• Allergy sufferers deal with high levels of pollen in Central Florida

    By: George Waldenberger , James Tutten


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Right now in Central Florida, it's raining, pollen.

    If your coughing, sneezing and runny nose have been in overdrive lately, it's likely because of all the pollens that seem to be endlessly drifting through our Central Florida air. 

    Oak tree and grass pollens have been very high lately, as well as bayberry. 

    According to pollen forecast models, Saturday has a high concentration of allergens in the air and Sunday is projected to be at a medium-high level.


    This weekend, it's actually starting to rain, at least in some areas, and the scattered showers may wash some of the pollens out of the air. At least in the areas that do get rain. 

    This rain will hopefully drop those pollen counts. 

    If your area does not get any rain this evening, hang in there. There's a chance for some spotty rain through Sunday evening. 

    With the rain in the forecast, our allergy levels are predicted to fall somewhat, but only slightly over the next five days, as rain will be possible each of those days. 

    For areas that do see considerable rain through the middle of next week, residents will have to watch our mold counts, as well.


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