First all-female meteorologist group ready to give “weather go” for Saturday’s launch from Cape Canaveral

Daughters, sisters, wives, and mother: all professional meteorologists in charge of launching space missions safely

All-female meteorologists at Patrick Air Force Base for Starlink launch

ORLANDO, Fla. — Central Florida has another #LaunchDay coming this weekend from Cape Canaveral. This launch will make history for two reasons.

The first reason is because Starlink 8 is SpaceX’s ninth mission. This brings the total to over 450 micros satellites that aim to improve internet coverage around the world. In this launch, 3 Sky-Sat Earth imaging spacecrafts are catching a ride out to space. This is the first rideshare agreement done by SpaceX for the Starlink Mission.


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But this launch would not be possible if weather doesn’t cooperate, and who better than an all-female meteorologist group to monitor weather conditions and give it the official “go”? This launch marks the first time in which a group of only female meteorologists have the task of monitoring weather for the 5:21 a.m. launch.

“It truly feels historic to be part of this group. As a little girl, always dreamed of breaking barriers for women across the world and it feels surreal to have actually been a part of a team that has done just that,” meteorologist Melody Lovin said.

Lovin has been working at the 45th Space Wing for almost two years. Prior to coming up to Brevard County, Lovin worked at the National Weather Service in Key West, where she was hunkered during Hurricane Irma in 2017. Lovin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and a master's in geographic information sciences from Florida State University over a decade ago. She is a mother of two, one born just a few months ago. Three of the five women in the team have had babies in the last year.

The professional meteorologists are part of the Air Force 45th Space Wing, which also has civilian meteorologists in the group. Lovin, Hanna Mulcahey, Arlena Moses, Jessica Williams, Major Emily Graves and Capt. Nancy Zimmerman will be giving the go for weather from the weather squadron.

45th weather squadron meteorologist Melody Lovin
45th weather squadron meteorologist Melody Lovin

“I want all the little girls out there watching us from afar to know that you CAN reach your dreams, and you CAN excel at hard math and science classes, and you CAN be part of history too! Math is just like learning how to play a sport or an instrument: you just have to practice. Being naturally good at it is only a small part of the equation,” said Melody Lovin

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