Property appraiser's office knew of unpermitted additions to Seminole County manager's home

SANFORD, Fla. — 9 Investigates has obtained new details on unpermitted work that was done at the Seminole County manager's home.

9 Investigates' Karla Ray first confronted Nicole Guillet earlier this month after an anonymous fraud complaint tipped off the county to the unpermitted additions made to her home.

Ray learned Wednesday that even though the county's building permits department was unaware of the work, the Seminole County Property Appraiser's Office knew about it.

Both Guillet and an appraiser told 9 Investigates that the additions were assessed in person, and Guillet's tax bill was filed based on the added value to her home.

That includes an additional bedroom and bathroom that building inspectors didn't even know about until this week.

Recently filed paperwork shows Guillet's home on the St. Johns River has had at least $30,000 worth of unpermitted additions.

There is a bedroom and a bathroom the county's building permits department wasn't aware of until an application was filed. The permit lists Guillet as the owner/builder.

Ray first tried to ask Guillet about the work two weeks ago. Ray tried again Wednesday, but Guillet's parking space at the Seminole County Services Building was empty.

The Property Appraiser's Office's website shows that the office was aware of an addition worth almost $75,000 and a new screen room despite permits not being filed.

An assessor told 9 Investigates that during the last two years, the taxable value of Guillet's home increased by almost $125,000, and she has paid the bill for it.

Officials said they are still assessing what she owes for failing to pull permits in the first place.

Guillet sent 9 Investigates the following statement Wednesday evening:

"The initial permitted improvements were made to the property and subsequently assessed by the seminole county property appraiser's office, increasing the value of the property by $84,000. The improvements that are subject to the permit application currently under review were assessed by the property appraiser's office in the same year they were completed. These improvements increased the value of the property by an additional $41,000. The permitting process relevant to the second round of improvements did not impact the assessment process. All construction on the property has been properly appraised and taxes have been satisfied for all additional assessments. The property taxes paid in 2017 totaled $5,207.63."