• 4 children held hostage were killed while they slept, police say

    By: Kevin Williams


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando Police say the four children killed in a standoff were found deceased in their respective beds, wearing the same bedtime clothes their mother reported they were wearing when she put them to bed - leading detectives to believe the children were killed in their sleep.

    Police released the new details in a statement Thursday afternoon. Detectives said the children were killed shortly before or shortly after Gary Lindsey, Jr. shot Orlando police officer Kevin Valencia.

    The standoff would continue for 20 more hours with Lindsey holding police at bay at the Westbrook Apartment complex near Universal. Lindsey was found dead in a closet with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

    The four children ranged in age from one to 11. Two of the children were his own. The other two were his girlfriend's.

    Two of the children were found dead in one bedroom and the two others were found dead in a second bedroom. 

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    At a press conference Tuesday evening, Mina said that during the negotiations, there was never any indication that Lindsey threatened the children. 

    "There was no indication of an imminent threat. There were no sounds of voices of the children," said Mina. 

    Mina said officers were working hard to gather as much information as they could about what was going on inside the apartment without provoking Lindsey.

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    The standoff started late Sunday night when police said Lindsey beat an ex-girlfriend, who called police to report a domestic dispute at the Westbrook Apartments complex on Eaglesmere Drive, just north of Universal Studios.

    Mina said the children were not part of the original domestic violence call. 

    Lindsey opened fire when officers arrived, shooting Officer Kevin Valencia through the door, police said.

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    Fellow officers rushed Valencia to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery early Monday morning.He remains in critical condition and has a long road of recovery ahead of him. 

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