• Expert warns of scam targeting Amazon customers

    By: Ken Tyndall


    ORLANDO, Fla. - It's a busy time of year for everybody, including scammers.

    There is an email scam going around with a new twist that targets online shoppers.

    This latest scam specifically goes after people who use Amazon.

    While online shopping may be more convenient, it can also be riskier.

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    In the latest scam, an email that appears to be from Amazon says a user's password needs to be reset.

    They are instructed to enter their username and password on a page that looks authentic.

    The scammers have even figured out how to steal from customers immediately.

    "They just write a program that, as soon as you submit that, they get it," said Adam Estes, a computer security engineer. "And it automatically logs in and starts buying things like that."

    Experts said an account might be maxed out before users even know they were scammed, and it's impossible to trace.

    "They can buy things like a Facebook gift card or an Amazon gift card or all kinds of things and have it sent straight to an email address, and it's an instant delivery," Estes said.

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    The scam might have dozens of different versions.

    The emails might say there is a problem with an order or that a user must update shipping information.

    Estes said customers should never do anything directly from an email.

    "So if it says you need to reset your password, go directly to Amazon.com and log in," he said. "Similar scams target other online accounts and even your banking information."

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