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‘Patria y vida’: How a song became a worldwide rallying cry in support of Cuba

ORLANDO, Fla. — Protesters in Cuba are still trying to tell the world about the dire situations they’re facing.

In Central Florida, another rally is planned for this weekend at Lake Eola.

People at these rallies have adopted a song as their mantra. It’s a song that has become an anthem of the uprising and a rallying cry heard across the world.

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“Patria y vida” has led the way from Cuba to the streets of Central Florida, with the music video playing at protests in the area.

See the music video below:

The phrase translates to “homeland and life.” It’s a song written by Cuban musicians. The title is a twist on a slogan often said by Fidel Castro and other members of the communist regime: “Patria o muerte,” which means “homeland or death.”

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The song has led to solidarity, strength and support of everyone joining forces and standing up to six decades of dictatorship.

“This is unprecedented, and there is an artistic component to it,” said Dr. Luis Martinez Fernandez, a history professor at the University of Central Florida. “The whole world is clamoring for the liberation of these individuals.”

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