Steelers QB Kenny Pickett gets slammed down hard, Mitchell Trubisky goes in for him

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett was slammed down hard on a sack, and that led to Mitchell Trubisky getting another shot to play.

The odd part about it is the Steelers said Pickett was cleared to return after being evaluated for a concussion, and he came back for a series. Trubisky came in after that series.

The hit on Pickett came in the first quarter, as he was whipped around and slammed to the ground on a sack by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith. Pickett got up slow and it was apparent he was hurting. The team announced he did not have a concussion though.

Pickett came in after he was cleared, the Steelers went three-and-out with Pickett throwing incomplete on his only attempt, and then the Steelers decided to pull him for Trubisky. Trubisky led a touchdown drive right away.

Trubisky began the season as the Steelers' starter, but was benched after a slow start. Pickett, a first-round pick, has been playing better lately, as have the Steelers as a whole. But on Sunday they weren't taking chances with their hurting rookie QB.