• Florida Man challenge: Google ‘Florida Man' along with your birthday to find your story

    By: Sarah Wilson


    FLORIDA - Florida Man makes headlines across the globe almost every day of the week.

    Now viral social media posts have people finding the Florida Man that matches their personality by Googling “Florida Man” along with their birthday (year not included).

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    Maybe on that day Florida Man stole cigarettes and booze while wearing Spider-Man mask (March 15). Or he scared the public by walking around with a rattlesnake he found on the road wrapped around his neck (February 18).

    The viral craze started based off of a Tumblr post last week and a tweet on Tuesday. As of Thursday afternoon the tweet had 21,743 retweets and 92,213 likes.

    If you aren’t satisfied with the Florida Man story that comes up for your birthday, here are a few of our favorite Florida Man stories from the past year:

    Not everyone believes the viral challenge is all fun and games. Some say it's just a way for companies, or yes, trolls, to datamine your personal information, which is given up willingly in the challenge. But whether you participate or not, we can all take a moment to relive some of our favorite #FloridaMan shenanigans.

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