• Central Florida families to receive letters notifying them their medical debt has been forgiven

    By: Jason Kelly , Todd Ulrich


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Hundreds of Central Florida families will receive a yellow envelope in the mail this week that offers big relief from debt collectors.

    Action 9's Todd Ulrich got Channel 9 to buy $1 million worth of medical debt for $12,500 from RIP Medical Debt, a national charity, in order to forgive the debt of about 1,000 families in need.

    The charity selects families based on economic need.

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    About 600,000 families in Central Florida are chased by debt collectors, experts said.

    Older debt is often sold for pennies on the dollar.

    Collection agencies sometimes promise that a small payment now will erase one's debt, but experts advise against believing them.

    "A small payment -- even a dollar or two -- can renew the statute of limitations on a $1,000 or $3,000 debt, and now it's legally enforceable when it was not previously," consumer attorney Jared Lee said.

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    Consumers' legal obligation to pay medical debt is five years in the state of Florida. But if they make a small payment, the debt will last another five years.

    Consumers don't have the power to negotiate. All agreements need to be made in writing.

    Click here to donate. Every $10 donated eliminates $1,000 of medical debt in Central Florida.

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