Churches across Central Florida hold drive-in service for Easter

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Many churches across Central Florida are taking extra precautions to make sure their parishioners don’t worsen the spread of the coronavirus.

Churches are considered essential under Florida’s stay-at-home order, so they can hold in-person services.

But many are streaming their Easter services online.

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One Central Florida church found a way to still have fellowship safely.

At Carter Tabernacle church, Easter was in full swing, even though coronavirus precautions left the pews inside completely empty.

“We have to find different, creative ways to worship,” said pastor James Morris.

Morris said for the past few Sundays, the church has been inviting churchgoers to worship in their cars in the parking lot.

“After last Sunday, people were asking, ‘Would we do it again for Easter?’ So that was our cue that people like the service that way. It gives them a sense of still being at church while being in the parking lot."

As people pulled into the parking lot, they were being directed by people wearing masks and gloves.

“First, we had a lot of skepticism, some people saying, ‘Well, are you sure that’s still safe?’” Morris said.

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While Morris said it is and people have started to come around, he doesn’t want to send the wrong message.

“I don’t want people to get the sense that everything’s OK. We’re not out of the woods yet,” Morris said. “This is a very, very real pandemic.”