• Ex-inmate says suspect confessed to killing 2 Kissimmee police officers

    By: Jason Kelly , Jeff Deal


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - In a newly released interview, a jailhouse informant said he heard some important information from a man accused of killing two Kissimmee police officers last year.

    "You could look at him and this dude -- this dude's dangerous," former inmate Lewis Peterson said of Everett Miller.

    Peterson discussed his conversations with Miller, who is accused of killing Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard last August.

    "He brags about his military training. He said, 'Man, you know I'm trained to kill," Peterson said.

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    Peterson said he and Miller spent four days in the jail's medical area in March, and he said the two bonded and often spoke with one another.

    Peterson told State Prosecutor Ryan Williams Miller about the conversations.

    "He hates police," Peterson said.

    Peterson said Miller told him he had a problem with Baxter and Howard because they constantly harassed people in the neighborhood and he remembers confronting them.

    "Now, from that point he claims he don't remember anything else," Peterson said. "He says he don't even remember the shooting part, which I know is kind of hard to believe."

    "OK, so he remembers standing with the officers on the ground?" the prosecutor said during the interview.

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    "Right. Now, he hauls ass," Peterson said.

    Peterson said Miller told him that if his assault rifle had not been taken away from him in another incident weeks before the deadly shooting that he would have taken out more officers.

    "He said, 'I would have laid out on the perimeter with my AR-15,'" Peterson said. "He said, 'I could have picked them off one by one.'"

    Charles Brown, another inmate, also said Miller confessed to him, but it is unknown when or where he would have encountered Miller while in jail.

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