Largest private car collection in world to welcome guests in Orlando

Inside look at Dezerland Action Park

There is a new attraction opening at the end of International Drive.

ORLANDO, Fla. — The largest private collection of cars in the world is hidden away in Orlando.

The cars are part of a new entertainment and event center that's now inside the old Artegon Mall.

These cars are larger than life, and there's more than 1,000 of them.

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Visitors will be able to see them in person and walk around to all the bars and restaurants that'll be in the event center.

Guests will be able to go bowling, use the trampoline park or even drag race with a friend.

"We are in a living history museum," said Aileen Mand, director of events for Dezerland Action Park. "There's so much nostalgia here from growing up."

They've driven through the decades with some of the wealthiest passengers, including the biggest movie stars and the bravest soldiers.

"Even Henry Ford's first car," Mand said.

It's been a mystery for a while, but soon guests will be able to see them up close at Dezerland Action Park Orlando.

Real estate tycoon and billionaire Michael Dezer is turning the old Artegon Mall into the most expensive toy box on the planet.

The attraction will be more than 600,000 square feet in size.

"He wanted to really show off everything he had. He didn't want to keep things in storage," Mand said.

The biggest private car collection in the world was tucked away and out of sight, but now attendees can watch a drive-in movie in them or throw a birthday party in the Batcave.

Guests can also steer through their childhood with originals from classic movies and TV shows.

"He chose Orlando because Orlando is such a destination, and Orlando really needs some kind of attraction that is unique, one of a kind," said Mand.

Dezer is also sharing his world record collections of Vespas and pinball machines.

"We have an entire attraction park with bowling and go-karts and bumper cars and virtual reality and laser tag."